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How to be inspired if you don't provide numbers? What is your networth? What is your passive income?

Making money from property nowadays is going to be difficult unless you have enbloc luck.

I have had the good fortune of enjoying the windfall from 2 enblocs, but I wouldn't say what I have enjoyed as inspirational. It was all luck, and I am very thankful for it. I am still having 2 properties, one which has high potential of enbloc, not now but sometime in the future.

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Let me share my story and I hope there won't be any nasty jealous comments. Thank you.

I'm now 50 and retired. How is this possible? I was a high earner in the financial industry. I am also a good investor. I used my big bonuses to invest. I made millions of profit from buying and selling properties over the years.

Now, I earn passive income from my investments. Living comfortably in my luxury condo. Debt free too.

I hope my story will inspire people here to work in high paying industries and to learn how to invest. You need to earn high salary and big bonuses for you to accumulate enough capital to make big investments and you need to have good investment knowledge to invest successfully.
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