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Originally Posted by Pippa View Post
Let me guess. in all of your time in uk, you stayed in your little dorm room the size of a HDB storeroom, you never ventured out cos you dislike the cold weather, you stayed indoors and blasted the heater to give you the 'SG' feel, you felt small around the british and other European nationalities, you went berserk when you saw China guys with white girls, you went bonkers when you saw nigerian guys with white girls, you went through the roof when you saw Pakistani guys with the PRC girls and just when you thought all hope was gone, you caught sight of the Malaysian student society and so you infiltrated that organisation in the hope that at least you could exercise your weight over them given the strong SG currency and other Number 1s that SG is never short off but the Malaysian Society told you exactly where to go and you ended up right where you started 'in that little dorm room the size of a HDB storeroom.'

I don't fit the typical SG mould. I broke out of it a long time ago. thats why dating wise I'm doing good, social life is also good and chances of getting a training contract is strong cos i have additional strong points.

come to think of it, you should have just stayed put in SG. why waste your time and parents money travelling to another part of the world only to retain the SG mentality and mix around with the same old group of people that you could very well have mixed with if you had stayed put in the first place?

you graduated as a lawyer but you chose to hide in your office. What a waste. All that UK knowledge down the drain
U sound like fkn amos yee. im no motherfkn lawyer but i mix with traders and bankers and the only ones that talk like that have the same small dick syndrome as u.

u can talk all u want but the only action u'll ever be getting talking like that is from your right hand. or left hand if that's your preference.
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