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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I think that cutting down on the UK schools and recognising more Australian schools is their form of controlling. Not too sure if MinLaw expressly stated that they want to cut down on the number of law students or merely to prevent oversupply. If it is the latter, then cutting down on UK and recognising more AU schools is a form of controlling supply (but not cutting down). There are also (probably) political and economical reasons behind the move to recognise more AU schools, as can be seen in the SG-AU FTA. Here's the link if you wish to know more about the SG-AU FTA:

Hmm you sound like someone who has been caught in the mix. Well in my honest opinion, I'm not too sure if the LNAT has been introduced to show that the UK syllabus is rigorous and tough, and therefore the UK unis should be accorded the same treatment as the AU unis. It's just a benchmark to see if you are sufficient adequate to read law in their universities.

Think about it from the UK unis' perspective. If you are a student who (presumably) failed to get into your country's law school because you didn't score well enough, as a UK university, my first thought would be whether I'm accepting a sub-par student who just isn't good enough to read law. So the LNAT is just to test if you are smart or adept enough to handle the rigour of the UK law syllabus. But this has nothing to do with proving that the UK law syllabus is as or even more rigorous than the AU law syllabus.

If you can't get into the local unis, and can't even score past 21 on the LNAT, then perhaps the question you should be posing yourself is whether law is the right path for yourself?
All your arguments do not hold any water.

there are 3 reasons why they reduced the unis from the UK list and increased the Aussie list. first has to be the agreement SG and Aussie signed, secondly too many SG students without O and sometimes even A levels joined the private colleges in SG, sat for the Diploma in Law by Uni of London and then gained entry in the UK unis and these students number in the hundreds on a yearly basis since the year 2000 and lastly I sincerely believe that the top brass knows damn well that in areas of constitutional law, the UK syllabus is thorough and replete with mind-boggling concepts and that would be dangerous for SG cos I don't think they want a situation where all the SG students studying law in UK suddenly rally together and start questioning authority.

But what i find odd is that why would you include Aussie unis into the list of recognised unis to gain admission into SG bar when these unis have open book tests, quizzes, presentations etc that contribute to your final mark besides the typical end of year exams.

Why would you also recognise 10 Aussie unis for their postgraduate programme which will allow virtually anyone to become a lawyer in singapore following completion of the course? the aussie syllabus is very dry and bare? Whats the point of paying $200,000 for a degree that is boring and doesn't increase your knowledge one bit?

I scored 35 on the LNAT. but that doesn't make me any smarter than the person who scored 21. scoring 35 doesn't mean im more legally aptitude than the one who scored 21. it just means that i was either prepared for the test or that i like answering mcq times questions on a computer.

i have spoken to UK admissions tutors before. they don't think that SG students who apply to UK unis for law do so cos they can't get into the local institution. you think the UK law lecturers and admissions tutors don't know about SG and how things are run etc? LOL!

I never ever thought about gaining entry into local unis. the target from the first day has always been UK. You clearly lack knowledge. Consider yourself fortunate that I have increased yours. But I don't want to make this a habit cos it then becomes a one way traffic where you continue to take in everything I say cos you know i know more and what i know can be substantiated and what i know is legit.

I suggest you go back to the drawing board and reconsider whether your continued presence on this section of the forum is still required. You have nothing to contribute and your bias is apparent. Wake up and smell the Iced Caramel tea will ya?
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