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Default Ignorant much?

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
okay. keep dreaming that UK students are superior then.
clearly you lack comprehension skills. It's either that or you have an inferiority complex. any reasonable person akin to the man on the clapham omnibus can see from my posts that I did not insinuate or state that UK law students are superior. All I ever said was that in areas like constitutional and administrative law, public law, english legal system etc, UK unis are an ideal choice to study at.

let me elaborate since you have problems understanding things the first time around. there is no academic freedom in the local sense. everything is controlled. once in a while they will grant some minor concessions.

their policy is very simple. teaching you too much on sensitive areas will result in you asking too many questions later on. as you can see some ministers have already shown their real reactions. they don't like Q&A sessions during seminars with the public or with people from a specific field. they also bar/ban video recording of the event cos they don't want it uploaded online for all to see.

but the UK law syllabus is different. in areas of constitutional law, everything is out in the open. it's such an eye-opener and very rewarding in terms gaining the knowledge contained within the british syllabus. you will learn several new mind boggling concepts and you will ask yourself repeatedly till you go hoarse 'what the hell is happening in singapore'.
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