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Originally Posted by Pippa View Post
Having compared the different countries curriculum, i'm gonna be brave and say this. The aussie, NZ, canada and local uni law syllabus doesn't hold a candle to the UK law syllabus insofar as the subjects i've mentioned above are concerned.

if you want a solid education, choose a UK uni. the syllabus is an eye opener and when you graduate you get to work in UK. You might even become a UK citizen in the future
you poor, poor thing. i don't think you've gone through the local uni's public law syllabus, or in fact, any of the other jurisdiction/uni's syllabuses to be able to make such a bold proposition. go read Thio Li Ann and Kevin Tan's Consti law textbook before making such an ignorant comment. Just because the UK syllabus opens your eyes to the flaws of Singapore's system in no way means that the Singapore uni's syllabus is lacking in any manner.

If you want a solid education, I'm sure any university within the top 50 (I'm just giving a ball park figure here) law schools worldwide would be able to give you one. If you want a solid education that has the most relevance and practicality in Singapore, your best bet is still nus & smu. Local firms still have a preference for local grads unless you're from one of the top UK unis or have a first class from the other overseas unis (which i've heard witnessed still pales in comparison to a good 2:2 NUS, i.e. 2:2 because of shitty grades in lame modules but has good/decent grades for important modules).
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