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Cool Another view?

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If you look at the UK universities that were cut from the Schedule,you will see two things in common. First, relatively low ranking over past few years. Second, extremely large number of Singaporeans in their cohort. These are the unis that massively stocked up on sgp students when funding dried up in Uk post financial crisis. So it's really cutting down on abuse.

For Australia yes the reason is the FTA. I suspect that if e Govt could they would cut some of the universities from Australia too, as one or two of them have almost majority Singapore population in their law faculties coupled with relatively low ranking. However SG law firms are still reluctant to hire from Aussie uni so that helps to insulate the market, because many of these graduates will have no real prospect of TCs and jobs.

Longer term I suspect the solution is to license a lower level of legal professional or paralegal to take on many of the jobs that Lawyers used to do.

Right now firms are unwilling to hire these excess graduates even as paralegals because they fear these people will expect associate level salaries and the chance to qualify, and if they are not happy, they won't stay, or may create bad morale etc. Which is a real shame - there is a lot of demand for paralegals e,g. from poly law course etc.

In the US and UK many people do eventually qualify after working for a few years in such associated positions.
Another thing is if you compare the british and aussie law syllabus you will see that the aussie syllabus is very dry. the british law syllabus is very dangerous cos it touches on many things that will make the average singaporean go WOW.

Constitutional and administrative law, English legal system, Public law etc offered by UK unis in one sense is very dangerous because if SG students graduate from those unis and start creating awareness in Singapore when they return that's not gonna be good news.

When i was doing those subjects I would often compare with the Singapore situation and ask my hell wow what the hell is going on in Singapore. Why hasn't anyone opened their mouth to say something?

Having compared the different countries curriculum, i'm gonna be brave and say this. The aussie, NZ, canada and local uni law syllabus doesn't hold a candle to the UK law syllabus insofar as the subjects i've mentioned above are concerned.

if you want a solid education, choose a UK uni. the syllabus is an eye opener and when you graduate you get to work in UK. You might even become a UK citizen in the future

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