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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
It's about getting the right balance. Having said that i will give slightly more weight to interest in the area of study over demands by the job market.
Can I check something with you?

I read recently that 8 UK universities have been out of the list of approved foreign unversities from which a graduate can practice law in Singapore. Namely, University of Manchester is now on the list.

On the Ministry of Law website, see the Admission to the Bar section, then Omitted Universities.

But it also quotes:

"Singapore citizens and permanent residents who obtain approved law degrees from these 8 omitted universities will remain eligible for admission to the Singapore Bar, provided they were:

(a) admitted before 1 October 2015 as a candidate for that degree; and "

My question is supposed I graduate from University of Manchester with a LL.B. in mid 2014, may I able to practice law in Singapore? Further, would I need to or would I be advised to study LL.M. or J.D. as the school has been placed on the omitted list.
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