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Yes, he is the same person- writing and replying to his own post.

While this is a harmless thing, it does show his deep sense of insecurity.

He doesnt realise that he is spreading his finances too thin by staying in a condo and owning a car. I would have advise him what to do except that he is not open to advise, but insist on congratulating his own posting.

Some people are just difficult to help....


Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Your maths is very poor. I think you are the same person. Writing to ask how am I doing snd then relying to congratulate yourself just to boost your ego. This chap has very low cash position with the bulk of it stuck in CPF and the housing unit. One need to have minimally $0.7m cash (minus house) and setting aside $300k for RA and MA in CPF or thereabouts, at ard 55 yrs to insure a comfortable life after retirement (lets say he retire at 55yrs old). Please work back your plan using these numbers to see how you fare.
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