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$10k a month in expenses is not excessive. This is about our household expense too.

What is networth now?

To achieve $15k per month (or $180K pa) in passive income, and with say 10% return on investment, you will need an investment capital of $1.8m.
At 5% ROI, you will need a capital of $3.2m.
At 3% ROI, you will need a capital of $6m.

All the above is not including your home!

What I advise people is - continue to use your human asset to earn money. That is, continue working. Together, (with work income and passive income) you will achieve your financial target much much faster.
Alternatively, if you own 5 fully paid up condos worth S$1m each, you can rent them out for $3500 a month, netting you $210k p.a. That's 4.2% ROI for a capital of S$5m.

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