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Actually if you are already going to spend $90k+ for a lousy low end Jap model, might as well spend a bit more can get a Merz C-180. Some PI are offering C-180 for $130k+ now, a lot of them are on the roads now because you get a much better car and prestige by spending only 40k more.
Why pay $40k more? You can invest the $40k and this will grow multiple folds over the long term if you're good at investing.

What prestige? All cars are the same. Prestige is you own and live in a luxury condo. That's prestige.

If you own expensive cars but live in public housing, where's the prestige?

The difference between living in a luxury condo and public housing is a million dollar. But the difference between a cheap car and expensive car is a few ten thousand dollars. So no big deal. I know of people who drive a cheap car but own 3 luxury condos. That's high class.
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