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Visit the car showrooms this weekend. You will see big crowds rushing to lock in the low car prices. COE price will surely go higher next week. Huat Ah !!!!

Don't be stupid to buy $200k cars, if you're just the average wage earner. If you're a millionaire, then buy whatever you wish. Million dollar sports car? No problem.

If you're just an employee, don't commit expensive cars. Just go for the cheap and reliable cars. $90k can get.

No need to show off as though you're so rich. Hahaha.
Actually if you are already going to spend $90k+ for a lousy low end Jap model, might as well spend a bit more can get a Merz C-180. Some PI are offering C-180 for $130k+ now, a lot of them are on the roads now because you get a much better car and prestige by spending only 40k more.
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