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You are arrogant. Pride comes before a fall.

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Engineers are smart people. By their very nature, they like to be out there solving engineering problems, and not sit at home idling away their lives.

They are also very analytical, always analyzing before they make a move / decision.

Engineers in their mid 50s know full well that this period is the golden period in their careers. This is a period where their income is peaking while their financial commitments are tapering off or are fulfilled. This is the time where their savings accelerate! I guess those people who retired prematurely (before 50) will never know and experience this wonderful phase.

And these savings from early 50s to official retirement age (62) are not insubstantial. For my engineering (& golf) buddies and I, the last 5 to 6 years have seen our networth grew by $1.5m to $2m.

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