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those of you guys with huge increment in banks....please do not mislead ppl...

there maybe true 2 - 3 years ago but certainly not true in 2014/2015 and certainly NOT this year 2016.

The entire banking industry is tightening their belts now....regardless of the size of the banks (If you haven't heard, Barcaps, DB, ABN-AMRO, ML, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, ICBC, Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas are all offloading their staff headcount) and many of these international banks are NOT going to give you big bonuses this year and next...regardless of your job performance (Unless you are a trader/broker that brought in a 10mil deal or a C level executive)......DB in particular is in quite a dire state if you are aware of the news.

if u want to got into banking and expecting a bigger bonuses and pay increment, DBS may be so far the 'safer' route...

stop shooting high % numbers and spreading this misinformation about banking pay increments.
I'm 6 years in foreign bank BO and I second the above. I compare salary quite opening with my peers (FO and BO) and the situation is quite similar across foreign banks. There are so much pressure to reduce cost, even when hiring for new headcount we always consider the cheapest. DBS peers are indeed getting good bonuses (4-6 months) but increment is negligible and they have a much lower base. For sure European Banks like BNP, DB and Barclays are extremely shitty now; I am hearing 5% incre for promotion and barely a month of bonus for good performers.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Please don't go around mud slinging others when you yourself left the BB space long time ago since 2009. Since then your were in insurance and china bank industry which is very different from IIB.

From what I heard pay and bonus wise is still very strong for IB, but headcount is dropping and those who left are not replaced. The issue for most people is not enough jobs to go around rather than pay & bonus is no longer good.
Not sure what you are hearing is for the FO space, where most can't be bothered to be in forum anyway ,and the situation is more extreme (either doing very well or very badly), OR you been misled. I do not deny there could be outliers but the general scene depicted by the first commenter is more the current situation.

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