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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
What is the general perception of SMU law grads? Was reading through the thread and saw multiple comment like "SMU grads are outspoken, present themselves well but not really efficient in terms of workplace ability etc". Is this true? I've been offered a placing there and these comment really made me think twice..
There is no need to worry because if you are an outstanding Smu law graduate, you will get all your chances. That said, I would argue that the Smu law system allows some less interested students to get by due to the many non law modules and significant weight of group work in some core law modules. Nus law is more individualistic and so it's harder to game the system with lack of detailed understanding without it showing in your grades over the years. So nus grads naturally are forced to develop better work and research on their own (because they have to do all the final exams and research assignment individually and present them in written form)

Top students will thrive whichever school they chose to go.

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