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Hi there. You are probably talking about DXEAs. If a NSF can do the job, thats probably not a high level job where its just routine process work. what im talking about are officers of DX9 and above. by no means an easy job all across the board.

What you have mentioned are very narrow points of view that i wont waste my time defending. "What a DXO can do, his PES E clerk can do better." this shows your level of knowledge of DXOs jobs. That being said, i have NSFs who are of very high quality, but i dont believe they can just 'take over' officers like in your example.

all in all, unless you are a DXO yourself, you wont see the higher echelons of the organisation and understand the quality of our officers.
The supervisor I was working for was a DX10. I've met useless ones even up to DX12. For some reason, everyone thinks that their work is "high level" and others just won't understand. I admit, I've met really impressive ones. The most memorable officer I knew was a DX15. Again, I'm not saying that across the board, all DXOs are useless. But most are, especially in the HR and operations side, if you want me to be specific. I've not had the chance to work with many of those doing policy and planning and I know that no clerk can ever take over them. But those guys are only a minority of the entire DXO population.

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