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thats a popular opinion of the otherwise uninformed has of DXOs. its not cushy as many thinks and only slightly higher than other civil services. I work weekends just to complete my work.
The popular opinion stems from the fact that many NSFs have worked with DXOs before, and we know how useless they can be. My own supervisor was a DXO. She went on maternity leave and an NSF corporal took over. We scored even better for that year's audit because she wasn't around. If an NSF corporal can do your job, you are pretty useless.

Of course, this doesn't apply to all DXOs. I'm sure there are some DXO positions out there that are not cushy and the work is tough. But the majority are not. You can't really say otherwise since half the population(a.k.a all men) has been through NS and has worked with lousy DXOs before. What a DXO can do, his PES E clerk can do better.
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