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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
none, because the word "comfotably" does not exist in the english dictionary LOL.
Don't care the guy above. He is just bo liao. A guy who goes to forums just to pick on people's language is either 1) too stupid to realize that it was supposed to be comfortably or 2) doesn't have anything else better to do.

Back to the topic. I was like the other guy. Bought a car so it off in a few years time. That's the hard truth. Quick answer is that $3k a month is too low. Honestly, I say you need double that.

You can do the math. But in short, when you start to realize the house is more important than the car, you regret spending on the car instead of saving for the house. I regretted.

Another problem if you want to get into it further. Hard to date Singapore girls if you don't drive the car. Yup, it's hard for a guy in Singapore.

I wish you all the best.
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