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Originally Posted by tchen003 View Post
Thank you for everyone's answer!
Yes, communication is indeed important.

Well, I am student A and I just accept this offer a few days ago.

Reasons for me to accept the offer are:
1) Good pay
2) I am a terrible coder but I am a relative good communicator among my peers.

However what I want to know is that:
Is it good for a junior like me to start a role in project management? I think at least for IT projects, you need to be proficient in coding and then you can manage a project.

Because I saw some of my father's friends, they started as an engineer when they were in their 20s, then they did some years of field work and slowly became project manager until now. I haven't heard any manager who started his/her career as project management.

Anyone can answer this as well? Thanks!
Is it a role at one of the bulge bracket banks?
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