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Originally Posted by tchen003 View Post
There are 2 computer science fresh graduates I want to share with you:

Final Year Student A: received an offer as "Business Analyst" with starting pay at S$4.8k/month. AWS and bonus,etc

Final Year Student B: received an offer as "Java Developer" with starting pay at S$4.4k/month,AWS and bonus,etc

They are quite fit for their roles. Student A is always good at communicating and he is a leader in some student club. Student B is a geeky guy who wrote great code and won some prize in Hackton.

However, I don't understand why business analyst can earn so much even compared to developers? As we all know, everybody can talk, communicate, there is nothing technical inside (or maybe a little bit?). Then why business analyst pays more than engineers, and almost same as some developers?

A lot of engineering students are aiming to become Business Analyst but what will be the future? Imagine after 5 years, the developer guy become a subject matter expert and their expertise can give them big bucks. But what about business analyst? What's their bargain power for big bucks?

Hope someone solve my question, thanks!
Communication skills and presentation skills will always be valued. Not everyone is good at presenting. Most high paying jobs are sales related which require these soft skills.

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