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Default Is it good for juniors to start project management?

There are 2 computer science fresh graduates I want to share with you:

Final Year Student A: received an offer as "Business Analyst" with starting pay at S$4.8k/month. AWS and bonus,etc

Final Year Student B: received an offer as "Java Developer" with starting pay at S$4.4k/month,AWS and bonus,etc

They are quite fit for their roles. Student A is always good at communicating and he is a leader in some student club. Student B is a geeky guy who wrote great code and won some prize in Hackton.

However, I don't understand why business analyst can earn so much even compared to developers? As we all know, everybody can talk, communicate, there is nothing technical inside (or maybe a little bit?). Then why business analyst pays more than engineers, and almost same as some developers?

A lot of engineering students are aiming to become Business Analyst but what will be the future? Imagine after 5 years, the developer guy become a subject matter expert and their expertise can give them big bucks. But what about business analyst? What's their bargain power for big bucks?

Hope someone solve my question, thanks!

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