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IMO it depends which ministry your major is related to. Humanities/social science grads end up in ministries all the time because they're writing/reasoning/stats(for social science) skills can be applied at literally any ministry. They are used to writing long argumentative academic essays. So policy writing and planning and even HR or comms are a good fit for them and each ministry will have these functionaries.

Bad thing about science/engine grads is that they can't write well. At least they can't write as well as these guys. So your best bet is to apply for a role or a ministry which your degree is directly related to. That will give you a higher chance. If you picked up any skills in your life science degree that you feel can be applied to other positions then you could apply for those too.

Complete nonsense. Humanities and social science grads are the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality. While they might have better writing and communication skills, they are mostly empty of logic. They are used to writing long argumentative academic essays that no one else reads. As a result, they struggle to get any jobs at all.

The only exception are the Economics grads.

Policy writing and planning and even HR or comms goes to the Business or Economic students.

As a life science graduate, you can go AVA or NEA. That is the best match for your job. Since you are obviously not interested in further research, those agencies are the best for you liao. You go anywhere else will not get promoted one, given your slack mentality.
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