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me from nus. gpa 2.9
business degree

no luck from govt too.
currently unemployed for 7 months already

i had depression after i left my previous company at ang mo kio. i was bullied for 3 weeks and then humiliated and fired from the company. i did not do anything wrong but i guess one of the manager didn't like how i look. i worked very hard for the company and i was fired with no reasonable cause.

I went to a local bank, hiding my depression, and i did not communicate with people properly. i was then shouted at in meetings over and over again. i ended up letting out a thunderous scream at my manager with my full force. i saw him just shrink there and i resign soon after.

i then couldn't find job for 4 months
then i went to a outsource firm, still hiding my depression, i told myself to keep from saying wrong things and just mind my own business. it worked quite well for 7 months, until people start to dislike me. favouritism is a very tool for survival there. i did not try to favour any superiors, people start to dislike me and FARK my life upside down. i couldn't take the emotional roller coaster and i resign. for this job, i told myself to shut up and not scream, if not things will be worst.

now i jobless for 7 months already.
if want can keep in touch and look for jobs together?
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