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Originally Posted by noobieguy View Post
I am from local uni and going to graduate in Dec 2016. (i am from poly route)

all structured programme (GAP, MAP) take in batches only on July yearly. So I could not join any of the programme at all. Just now a HR of one of the programme i apply called and he say he cant proceed with my application cause i graduate in Dec and will forward to another recruiter that do direct hire.

So i wanna ask what the differences between structure programme and direct hire for fresh grad? which one is better?

thank you!
Just start looking for normal jobs regardless of structured or not. Got a good enough offer just accept regardless of program or not.

You shouldn’t be wasting time hanging around for 6-8 months just to apply for “structured programs”. Chances are not high statistically anyway, ~ 2-3 openings for every 500 applicants, especially those prestigious MNCs. You don’t want to fall into the vicious cycle of being unemployed too long which damages the CV and invites questions which further makes it difficult to get a job and prolongs unemployment.

As you don’t seem to know much, I presume you are not one of those with strong internships and insider network which makes it even harder for you to get in. Cold application for MAP is possible, but it does put you in a disadvantage compared to those with an insider sponsor.

Try and see if you can secure a few solid normal offers from big MNCs easily. If you cannot even get a few of them within a short time, chances are you aren’t going to fly when applying for a MAP.
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