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Originally Posted by Lost Soul View Post
I guess the climb up the ladder will be long and tedious. Given its an operations role, what are the progress like in there?

Im not sure how true this is, but my friend in a dutch mnc offshore firm got 4 months bonus last year (quite shocking).
Some companies such as Norden and TORM have structured programmes, around 2-2.5 years in different departments to give a holistic understanding about shipping. Some programmes say that you have a choice b/w chartering or operations and also the type of trade (container or bulk for example), but more often than not it depends on the vacancies and the current state of diff sectors. I know one guy who was a trainee in TORM and was supposed to join the dry bulk department, but TORM let go of its dry bulk business so he went to tanker.

For operations work is pretty mundane and things you do are repetitive and I won't say progression is very attractive. Usually it takes 4-6 years to get promoted to operations manager or team leader, but also depends on your performance and your colleagues as well. I know of someone who stagnate in the same position after his trainee for 8 years. I'm not sure about MOL having a structured programme though and but I do know someone working in another Japanese company 'k' line. His side of story is that the company is biased towards Japanese. That's what he said though.

Tbh I'm quite surprised about offshore sector giving 4 month bonus, given the current state right now.
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