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Originally Posted by jannjann View Post
Fellow teachers, I need to seek your advice...

I am a contract teacher in a school now but I am thinking of quitting. I am a graduate from NUS and joined teaching as my first job. Im wondering if I can quit my contract teaching now and pursue other interest first then join back teaching in later years?

Will MOE still consider me?? Will they penalise me knowing I quitted earlier on? I enjoyed teaching.. Just wanna try other things before committing myself into education for the rest of my life..
How far are you in your contract teaching? Which level are you teaching?
I'm sorry I can't help to advise you. I think contract teaching is a good experience to allow the applicant to decide if teaching is for him/her. It is good that you are going through this thinking process now and not later when the contract is signed. All the best, whatever you decide!
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