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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Working in Admin in a uni? Low chance, though possible if you are head of a very specialised function like Advancement.

In the civil service? Got chance.
This sounds too optimistic.

I work in NUS a few years ago and was not aware of any Directors that are paid 15k in their 30s, especially if he/she just join right after school. Most mid-late 30s office incumbents are either SM (5-7k) or for the better performers get AD (6-8k). I would say for NUS admin side the correct answer is 0% chance of drawing 15k before 40.

As for civil service 15k is usually a high MX9 or low MX8, for a non-scholar to reach that level by 45 is already very rare; in their 30s haha personally I only know of 1 individual after working so many years in 2 ministries. So I reckon statistically the chances of that happening is <1% unless we are talking about sign on in SAF or equivalent.

TLDR for whoever got this kind of expectation better work in the private sector, a place like NUS cannot offer this sort of pay to do admin no matter how fantastic performer you are.
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