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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Nobody is saying that JCU cannot be in civil service, they are just saying you won't be able to join at the normal degree MX13/12 degree grad level. Even an N Level grad can join the civil service. You are just seeing what you want to see and totally missing the point.

Your #1 & #6 are essentially MSS Executive/Officer positions. Your #5 says nothing other than "civil servant". Your #4 most likely got there by higher education and relevant experience in other places. Your #3 is a post doctoral researcher for christ sake, where he is now has nothing to do with his JCU bachelor degree even if he had gotten it in the past.

None of your links work and so I can only comment generally. Anyway it seems you are more interested in finding justification to study for that JCU thing, so really just go for it. There is no point seeking confirmation in an online forum anyway.
okay, explain to me what is the difference between mx13 and mss executive, in terms of career and salary.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Spot on. Mellissa has a very strong background then the original poster. Besides that, she got herself accreditated with a professional status that was recongised by uni of cambridge. I think we shouldnt waste much time discussing further as we should let the poster go take a jcu and see himself. No point proving this and that for him as i read all his post i do find something quite funny. one point he said the PHD is at HK from top 50 uni. another post he says that it is at some southern china and is top 100 uni. See the point here. he most probably is just bullshitting about everything trying to prove something.
the cambridge diploma or 'profesisonal status recognised by cambridge' you refer to is just a 4 months part time diploma that you can do at kaplan for 4k sgd total.

i am just trying to find out the best course to take, either the jcu path or the phd path. just an average man trying to earn some money to start a family and live a stable life.

hong kong is in south china.
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