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Originally Posted by jiaklatliao View Post
jesus. i thought it would be hard to find james cook uni singapore grads working for the government, just as many posters here implied, oh only nus la, think about how many fch they can hire from ntu nus, oh think about the ivy league you are competing with, oh come on, jcu paper is like your toilet paper.

went on linkedin, searched for alumnis, and it seems like 50% of them work for the government. i am shocked myself.

which basically tells us that 80% of posters and posts here are utter bs.

a true eureka moment hah.
Nobody is saying that JCU cannot be in civil service, they are just saying you won't be able to join at the normal degree MX13/12 degree grad level. Even an N Level grad can join the civil service. You are just seeing what you want to see and totally missing the point.

Your #1 & #6 are essentially MSS Executive/Officer positions. Your #5 says nothing other than "civil servant". Your #4 most likely got there by higher education and relevant experience in other places. Your #3 is a post doctoral researcher for christ sake, where he is now has nothing to do with his JCU bachelor degree even if he had gotten it in the past.

None of your links work and so I can only comment generally. Anyway it seems you are more interested in finding justification to study for that JCU thing, so really just go for it. There is no point seeking confirmation in an online forum anyway.
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