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Originally Posted by jiaklatliao View Post
there are so many uol or curtin or james cook fresh grads at second lower that join big companies at entry level. is that really very unrealistic? we are not talking about joining at managerial level right?

as for '1 year' cert, that is due to advanced standing and no holidays, it will probably be 2 years if there are summer/winter holidays. it is not exactly a 1 year is a 3 year degree with advanced standings given.
Sure, there are a lot of private uni students in big companies, but what sort of jobs? As far as I can tell most are mainly below local degree semi exec/ops type of jobs at 2k+ levels. You already have an online degree, to me I fail to see how getting another 1 year cert from JCU is going to increase chance or pay in these type of jobs. The JCU cert isn't going to help you to get a proper associate job that pays 3k+, so why bother?

As for your rationale on the JCU cert, I think that is irrelevant. I doubt recruiters are interested in hearing your various explanation of how good and intense this JCU thing is. You might as well just use the same story to convince them the online degree is the same thing, chances should be the same.

Long story short, 1 year JCU cert is hardly better than the online degree you already have. No point taking it up. 4 year China doctorate is overkill for a marketing/banking office job and the end result is likely going to be a 3k+ job at 35 years old and depleted savings and student loans. You are better off just trying to get a 2k+ job now and keep options open instead of just limiting to MNCs and civil service. Your age is against you and no point limiting your options so early when the chances of landing an offer is not high in the first place.

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