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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Maybe you should consider just coming back to Singapore and apply for an office job. As long as your expectations are reasonable (2-2.4k), should still be able to get a general desk bound job.

I don't think getting an unspecified PhD from South China will result in higher pay if end result is you are still going for normal office job like marketing executive or consumer banker. Seems like a waste of $$$ if you just want to get this kind of job and most likely over qualified.

As for the 1 year JCU cert that one is worse than even private universities like SIM, complete waste of time and at the end of the day I don't think it will increase your chance or pay.

WRT MNCs and civil service, I think you have to be realistic. Chances are honestly quite low irregardless of your choice unless it is more sales and business development type. Maybe when you have enough relevant working experience they are willing to consider you, but definitely not straight away with this kind of academics.
there are so many uol or curtin or james cook fresh grads at second lower that join big companies at entry level. is that really very unrealistic? we are not talking about joining at managerial level right?

as for '1 year' cert, that is due to advanced standing and no holidays, it will probably be 2 years if there are summer/winter holidays. it is not exactly a 1 year is a 3 year degree with advanced standings given.

why take another 3 year degree without exemptions and repeat everything i learnt? i am not young anymore. even obama transferred credits from occidental college to his harvard degree which was just a 2 year degree.

as for the phd, yes, i feel a little like you do.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I doubt the private sector really gives a flying shiit about some South China PhD obtained through internet. Yes it may surprise you, but really companies do think a Bachelor with pass from SMU or NUS is better than an online PhD from South China. Let's not even get to the lousier choice of doing an online 1 year degree with JCU. Whether you think it's fair or not is besides the point, it is what it is. The same thing with civil service as well.

Don't take my word for it. Go Linkedin and do a search of all the major MNC Associates or civil service entry level MX Managers, tell me which of them has an online South China doctorate or a 1 year online JCU bachelors.

Market realities are the only thing that matters, your opinion of how fantastic your online course is counts for squat. Time to wake up.
do people like you have dyslexia or just lack synapses?

how did you manage to spin it till the south china phd or jcu bachelors are online? i am not even aware that jcu has online bachelors.

as for mnc managers with jcu bachelors, i know 2 on my facebook personally even without searching on linkedin. one earns 20k plus monthly as regional director, another 6-8k as local hr manager. want me to send you their resumes?

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