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Hi... My scenario is almost similar to yours.
It was in the 2nd week when the admin lady met me instead of the boss.
She then said i have to clock 250 daily instead of the 200 as per initial agreement.
I was wondering at the start if you were asked to put down a deposit of 2k on top of the 180 admin fees. Luckily i did not put down 2k but the 180 admin fees instead.
I also questioned the boss what is the exact pay structure but he was evasive and defensive at the same time.
On 29th feb when i handed over the car, the admin lady advised that she will get back to me soon with regards to salary payment.
Its been over 3 weeks now n last week the boss said that as ive not fulfilled the 2 weeks notice, he will deduct my salary. Since then, he has blocked my calls and there is no further word from them.
The thing is, im just a common man on the street seeking a job to feed my family.
They are truly unsroupolous.
Just pure evil.
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