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Today is a blessed day. It is raining. Rain is a blessing.

As I look out the window, I feel blessed as I can afford to enjoy the morning, lying on my bed. I recalled my earlier days as a high flying corporate executive. Those days were crazy days, rushing early in the morning, stuck in traffic, rushing from one meeting to another, flying from one city to another, rain or shine.

But it was worth it as the hard work enables me to earn a fortune. I had plenty of cash to invest. My many years of investments paid off extremely well. I'm now happily retired, my passive income from investments easily sustains my family. They are enjoying a good life too - living in a nice condo, going overseas holidays, driven around in a car, enjoying good food at restaurants, etc.

As a multi millionaire, I'm still busy, busy managing and growing my wealth, busy pursuing the many interests I had no time for previously, busy taking good care of my family, busy spending time with my very old parents and busy volunteering at charities and non profit organisations. Life is more meaningful and fulfilling. I'm healthier and happier.

In life, you have to make tough choices. Choose the wrong career and you can be working all your life. There are many people who did not enjoy a single day of retirement. They died before they retired. That's sad.

Choose the right high paying career, work hard, be the best in your field and become a multi millionaire. You can then afford to retire early and enjoy a full life.
i smell bullsh*t
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