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Default Life's Choices

We can all argue until the cow comes home. At the end of the day you make the decision alone regarding your life. You make the wrong choice, you suffer for it, and sometimes your family is dragged along with it. You make the right choice and you reap the rewards and your family gets to enjoy it.

Death can strike anyone at any time. Whether you are working, retired young and cycling in the park, or playing games. The right way to deal with death is to prepare for it. Quitting work young and withdrawing from society is not a solution.

If you are a family man, ensure you have sufficient savings and insurance cover for your loved ones. Make sure you have a will drawn up. If you don't enough savings for your family to continue living with dignity when you are gone, then you jolly well work! And work hard.

If your current job stresses you out, go and find a less stressful one, take a pay cut if necessary, but copping out totally? No!

One more thing, I know for a fact that as a working person, I looked forward and thoroughly enjoyed all the holidays and annual leave. But if you are not working, each and every day is the same. One year like that may be ok, but 30 to 50 years like that?
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