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See, I am in your EXACT situation. I'm thinking my friend, 3 years experience, the way she talk like she handling lots of money. I do see her go on stage to receive those star performer achievement so I know she's at least selling stuff.

But I find it very very hard to believe the stories that were told by my other friends saying she's earning 200k to 300k annual. 8k monthly after 3 years experience I can accept. 20k, I don't know what to believe. I do see her carry Chanel hand bag, but that one simply means she blow one month salary buy what. Nothing special. (Me on the other hand save for condo so don't buy big ticket fashion item)

Bear in mind that she came from a normal school, like 2nd upper NUS. We all agree she in school nothing special lei.
Technically she isnt lying, she does handle a lot of money. But the thing is those money are not hers!

This CNY I had a forex account transfer question I decided to ask my cousin who is a RM in Citi. The way he keeps going on about "bankers like us" do this do that etc. seems like very impressive.

Maybe I'm thinking too much, but honestly when this guy keeps banker here banker there and throws out technical terms like some hot shot, I was expecting him to at least make a few hundred k. Now if poster above is correct, it seems he most likely paid 3-6k a month... WTF? This isn't even civil service standard considering his age (36yo)
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