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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If this is the case then some of my friends and relatives are really shameless because when I interact with them many seem to be implying that they make 200-300k annual at least. I expect a bit of exaggeration but 3-6k monthly is so far off...
See, I am in your EXACT situation. I'm thinking my friend, 3 years experience, the way she talk like she handling lots of money. I do see her go on stage to receive those star performer achievement so I know she's at least selling stuff.

But I find it very very hard to believe the stories that were told by my other friends saying she's earning 200k to 300k annual. 8k monthly after 3 years experience I can accept. 20k, I don't know what to believe. I do see her carry Chanel hand bag, but that one simply means she blow one month salary buy what. Nothing special. (Me on the other hand save for condo so don't buy big ticket fashion item)

Bear in mind that she came from a normal school, like 2nd upper NUS. We all agree she in school nothing special lei.

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