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I have been in the industry for 5 years. Let me give some clearly insights.

As a fresh grad/entry level PB.
Basic is around 3k, commission is much easier to hit as target is lower and serving the mass market clients means a lot of "hit-and-run", meaning to say you might not see that client again. For someone who is doing well, basic plus comms is easily 10k/month

At the Privilege/Priority/Premier level, depending if you jump enough or promoted internally, basic can be from 3k+ to 6k+. At this level, commission is harder to hit as target is much higher than the entry level. Some people draw their basic and not seen comms for very long. That being said, those who are doing well in the Priority segment can also have an NOA of 200k to 500k.

Private Client level, CPC, TPC, PVR. Basic above 8k is normal. Needless to say target is even higher.

Private bankers range too wide, I have seen low 300k NOA to 6mil NOA.
Yup. That was what I was told and tried to describe in my earlier responses. Thank you for the info direct from someone inside the business.
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