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Big 4 isn't considered a prestigious MNC - like another poster said, it is somewhat known as a sweatshop factory taking in mass number of rejects from other places.

Having said that, it all depends on what are your career aspirations. If you want to stay nimble and traverse in the SME space you can stick with the unheard company. Sometimes SMEs can promote faster with better pay, but the drawback is career ceiling is considerably lower.

If your career aspirations are to join a prestigious mnc (not big 4, real big mncs), then it might be better to stick with a big 4 as MNCs are usually bias against SME experience. It is very rare for an accountant to start off with a SME and then move to a mid career level in MNC. They tend to write off candidates who only have SME experience.
Total nonsense from someone who dunno anything. Many CFO from MNC is from small audit firm and work their way up. It is the work ability that count, not rubbish like weather ur from Big 4 or not.
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