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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Going for the test next week.

A quick search reveals that the test got 3 parts:
1) Pattern test, abt 80 MCQs
2) Abstract Reasoning test, abt 60 MCQs
3) Personality test, abt 180 MCQs

Izzit correct. As I want to prepare myself for the test. It seem I don't cannot do well in the pattern test.
Any increment based on your last drawn salary, how many percents? Or they will just offer as they deem fit.
Did my PT in Dec 15. First test was verbal reasoning. So they give you a short passage to read like comprehension. Next was pattern. It is relatively simple so don't worry. The patterns are not that hard to figure out. I struggled with the last one or two but the front ones are all okay.
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