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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Total crap. I am not sure which bank she works at but there isn't such a thing as "commission" in private banking.
Ummm ... that's why I'm here to clarify. Okay, thank you for your comments.

But just to make less confusing. She earns a base of $6k. Then she's given target to meet. Like if she sells $100k worth of banks product, she get another $6k. And anything else she sells pass $50k, she gets 20% of it.

So for example, if she one month sells $150k of banks products, she gets $6k base, $6k comms and $10k bonus comms making her pay for that month $22k. She explained me the structure very thoroughly that's why I think might be true.

I'll also add I can double confirm plus chop she works in MNC bank. And I think this job is what the OP is looking for so I at least share what I hear but also want to make sure is true.
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