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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I ask because I want to benchmark myself against my friends, some of whom are RMs.
why not ask them yourself?

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

Presentable and pretty girl. Normal graduate from local U. 3 years in retail banking. Then all of the sudden my friends kapo then update me saying she went private banking draw $6k base and pull in $15k commissions making like $20k a month. Got such thing or not? And is it a consistent $15k a month comms. One thing I admit is that she's hardworking and knows how to sell.

pretty girl in finance open leg can get good money. I know girls who have affairs with people with HNW and I have friends who tell me stories. Managers openly asking who want to sleep with client. Client messaging pretty bankers to go ''hang out'' with them. One time I met up with my friend she told me this guy messaged her ''wanna come chill at my condo, i'll come pick u up in my CONVERTIBLE"

Another one that I just heard from my friend. His ****buddy = mistress for some super highflyer. He buy her stuff and gives her money every month. Life is like that. Study hard sometimes no use. Must have connections. Sometimes people no connection no education but born pretty just need open leg 1 time done. If you wanna take it a step further, poke hole in condom.

dont obther to compare so much, this is the problem wtih singaporeans. since young evreything also compare. grades compare salary compare. suicide rates for people aged 20-29 super high. There will always peopel someone earning more than you. Just live to your means, be nice to your family and friends. Don't spend beyond your means, save what you can and be happy.

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