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Presentable and pretty girl. Normal graduate from local U. 3 years in retail banking. Then all of the sudden my friends kapo then update me saying she went private banking draw $6k base and pull in $15k commissions making like $20k a month. Got such thing or not? And is it a consistent $15k a month comms. One thing I admit is that she's hardworking and knows how to sell.

If it's true, any thoughts?, then it still pretty much beats IB. She mention that she's considered normal in terms of the industry because like everyone said, she's serving a retail customer. But normal job drawing $20k a month, I very happy liao.
Total crap. I am not sure which bank she works at but there isn't such a thing as "commission" in private banking. They are essentially helping rich clients manage their money and if they perform well, the banks get a cut from the fees. From there, the private bankers are awarded "bonuses".

Stop with all these nonsense stories please. Next time, you tell these people to show you their payslip.

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