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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
So in short your info on bunker trading is from reading online and oil trading is from your “friends”?.

Is there anyone here who really has experience doing actual bunker trading can comment???

Would really appreciate some insights. As for those who are not in the industry and have opinions they hear from others, thank you for the contribution, but some of us here really need more accurate insider insights instead of generic comments.
At least he contributed relevant information.

"bunker trading there are more ah der ah kow companies doing it" - he might see from reputable sources.
"salaries don't look great for base pay" - this is the only part where he mentioned websites.
"i think my friends in oil trading get more" - why you assume they are not his real friends? And I think he mentioning oil trading can serve as a gauge on how much bunker trader makes, which is relevant.

I know we're all looking for insights. But I think this poster make a decent contribution to the discussion.
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