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Originally Posted by aplover View Post
this forum is really funny at times when i see Unregistered people talking to Unregistered people and trying to think of how many actual people are talking to each other.

I'm not so sure about bunker trading, not sure how different it is from the standard oil and products trading. Should have some similarities. But i see for bunker trading there are more ah der ah kow companies doing it. I guess it's abit more cow boy land? Also salaries don't look great for base pay, again this is based on what i see on job websites. So those numbers may not be real but i think my friends in oil trading get more.

With the decline in the oil markets and forcing of banks to shut down oil trading desks, there's more supply of oil traders in the market. Some of these oil traders have been forced to do bunkering, i would think so overall there's a depression of salaries especially in the current market when prices are weak.
So in short your info on bunker trading is from reading online and oil trading is from your “friends”?.

Is there anyone here who really has experience doing actual bunker trading can comment???

Would really appreciate some insights. As for those who are not in the industry and have opinions they hear from others, thank you for the contribution, but some of us here really need more accurate insider insights instead of generic comments.
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