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The reason why Entry standard is lower in UK because they had foreseen dropouts and they couldn't afford too little grads as it is not advisable due to their population and economy. Even if you can enter easily doesn't mean you can make it out in the end. Sg doesn't need so many lawyers if you notice. Our economy and population don't need so many but we still need to continue the course in hope for real talent and have back ups available in the case where local grads decide to migrate and we lose them. We have so many outstanding until stat board had to be divided so to be able to recuit more unemployed law grads.

In UK everything is psychological. If it is so easy to obtain 2.1 or fch. You will see ppl flood in but did you see it? Because reading and living in ur own world. Do some serious thinking and research on other countries political status and economy standing.
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