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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I would challenge the notion that a closed book law exam is difficult. As a local law student, we all did Contracts as a closed book paper, so we know how it was like.

Do an open-book exam on a bell curve, and you will see how difficult it is to get an A - against your equally brilliant peers. Even a B+ is no walk in the park.

Memorisation is about the easiest thing you can do.

In any case, you're defending the indefensible. It is generally agreed that it is easier to score a 2.1 or First in a UK university (Oxbridge aside) than in Singapore. They don't set quotas for Firsts for international or local students.

The simple fact is that there is no bell curve in the UK. The other simple fact is that the entry requirements to enter Singapore law school is higher than the majority of the UK schools. Put 2 and 2 together.
Another one. Hopeless grad. Sg is so small that is why entry is limited leh. Very obvious isnt it? Can local grad stop seeing what is written on their requirements and think beyond that? They can put easy entry but doesn't mean you really can go in easily right. Singapore uni always like to set standard higher because of the small island and its population.

People like you shows why foreign industry reject our grads. Because all they can see is believe and compare on what's is written on web rather then think logically.
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