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1. Outside of possibly Oxbridge, it is common knowledge that its easier to get better results in the UK than locally, at least for law. The stats only confirm it. Plus based on the average A Level results, the academic quality of the cohort in the local laws schools is broadly speaking no worse than Singaporeans who have gone over to the UK for their LLB (again, Oxbridge excluded). There's nothing wrong or correct about it; it's just a fact.

2. Ironic that you say that UK unis look beyond academics; conversely, they usually admit and assess students purely on the basis of academic ability. Even the local unis don't assess students based on 100% exams.
Admission is admission. Yes, they might based on academic for admission but that doesnt mean they will based on ur academic to grade you an A at the end of the day. That's what im referring to. UK Universities based really very much on your psychology. And im sorry, local uni do assess based on your theoretical exam and ironically now that they found out that good academic result does not mean that you have the set of skills - industry skills. And if you look at the ST news today, they introduced some compulsory courses for all NUS 1st year. This already explained what I'm saying
Those skill set that were introduced were infact all along exists in the UK academic system. Go a UK uni to experience yourself before commending what you think it is like. If you think our local cert is seriously so worthwhile, take it to try apply a job in UK.
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