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Who said anything about whether NUS was better than UK? the point that was made is that it is far easier to get a FCH or 2.1 in law in the UK compared to NUS (and SMU). Whether or not other countries accept an NUS degree (they don't) is a completely different matter altogether.

And why are we talking about MNCs/CSs in a thread that focuses on qualifying as lawyers in Singapore? Where Singapore law firms are concerned, it is quite clear that there is a (slight) bias towards local grads, but IMO this bias may be made up for by the fact that it is easier to get better grades in the UK. So a 2.2 in NUS may in fact be disadvantaged because there is a good chance that he could have gotten 2.1 in Bristol/Nottingham or even UCL/KCL. Plus the fact that it is very possible to get a UK TC if one graduates from a UK uni, which is near impossible to get if one graduates from NUS/SMU, means that going to a reputable UK uni may be the best option if one can afford it.
I am really curious how sure are you that it is easier to obtain a 2.1 or FCH in law in UK compared to NUS/SMU? Have you personally viewed their curriculum? Or just by the statistics? This is really a problem in our local grad and why alot faced rejection in the industry. You think too highly of yourself. You are again comparing an apple with an orange. Please take some time to look at how curriculum were conducted over there and here before keep saying that a 2.2 can obtain FCH or 2.1 in those UK Universities. If you have seriously go through their programmes, you will know a local grad might not even survive there. Just because UK grades are of a lower level as us doesnt define that a local 2.2 can have high chance of getting 2.1 over there. UK universities academic structure are famous in a way that not only academic results are a factor, in fact industry and scenario situation plays a big part in it too. UK dont wanna train their students who are just good in academic results. What matters to them were in fact how their students react, present, talk and think throughout the whole course.

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