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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Lol the next thing you know, insurance agent also can move to IB.

I say it again, unless it's IB at some crap firm, no chance.
I know a fella who used to be a salesperson at Best Denki Bishan, Washing machine dept. Top performer through 2013-2015 and also one of the few top grosser. He couldn't get a proper job despite having a degree in acct from ntu. Because he served jailtime before. When he was a young hot blooded prick, he went on 1v20 outside of Scape. Despite being outnumbered and unarmed, he managed to skillfully outclassed his opponents and dumpstered all of them. Unluckily, the police came just when he was about to leave, still high on andrenalin he accidentally fractured 1 of the officer's wrist and injure the other. He was then arrested and was handed down a 5 year sentence for rioting and violence.

Like as if heaven has a road planned out for him, one day he carried out his usual SOP at work. Little did he know, the prospective customer was a senior MD of an american IBD with global footprint.

Impressed by his passion and knowledge towards customer service and towards washing machine, he was offered a job on the spot by the MD.

Fast forward 5 years later, the former Best denki salesperson is now a VP of his own team incharge of the energy sector.

You'll never know unless you try. Last i know that fella is driving a black color lancer and married a former stewardess gf who has the looks and body of a VS model. This guy, envy of all SG men.

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