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lol you bunch of clowns. yea I'm sure starting out as a branch salesman selling insurance to aunties and uncles and you ll progress to be an investment bankerů

if thats the case, we should make all ivy league graduates obsolete and stand outside Bishan st 22 branch as your top personal 'banker'
i used to be a top insurance sales PB frm bras brasah branch. Took me 3years to move to IBD as a 2nd year analyst. There, i got on very good terms with my female boss who is a MD herself. Soon, i got promoted to associate the very next year. My peers were so jealous of me, but that's understandable. They are just jelly that someone holding a ordinary local U cert can outdo those ivy league baby boys & girls.

Long story short, my female boss got poached and jumped ship. She invited me along as well to join as a VP. Under the age of 30 i made it to VP in IBD. Not wanting to stand out, i bought a brand new black 2015 vios last year with cash. Everytime i drive past CBD, 1 hand on the steering wheel, 1 hand swiping bloomberg on my ipad and another hand holding my cig. Man, i can see the OL's gushing below.

Tough to be a alpha in this society.
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