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Simply put, the baseline of making 7% for 3 years with a large enough capital of $500 means that this guy isn't the 95% of traders who just guess and gamble in the market. And I agree, this has to be true. So I forget to mentioned that you have to get it audited professionally.

Let's just say I interviewed at a hedge fund ($500m) and a proprietary company for a trader role and both did ask of my personal trading. A mention of $10k, your trades who trade for pleasure, doesn't interest them. Say you have an account of $500k is a different thing.
no sh*t. must borrow 500k to make 7% for 3 years then still must fork out money to hire an auditor all the way.

are us serious or making sh*t up as you go along? u trying to get a simple youngster w/o exp who just wants to find a good paying job into trouble har?
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